I can’t tell you where I got this idea but I will be up front and say it didn’t originate with me.  I think I got it here, but I can’t find the original post that gives her full credit.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

At any rate, Saturday was Spring Cleaning Day at Studio 101.  I’m talking about making bags for Goodwill, pulling furniture away from the walls, vacuuming under the bed and rearranging the closets kind of cleaning.

It was unreal.

As I was pulling out an old suitcase from under a table to clean the dust bunnies away, I remembered a post on someone’s blog about using old suitcases to store wrapping paper.  Immediately I was distracted.  This was not only a creative way to use the empty vintage suitcase, but it freed up a shelf in my linen closet to use for more blankets.  Why I need four blankets, I’ll never know.  But I need them.

Really need them.

Check it out.


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