I knew when I purchased my white couch that I was asking for trouble.  Owning a long haired cat with a finicky stomach and penchant for hairballs meant that my couch would be the target for many accidents and an excellent testing site for various stain removal products.

Let’s say she’s christened it twice already and that Woolite stain removal is the winner.

After visiting the organic pet food store and pleading with the clerks to please help me figure out a way to get my cat to stop throwing up on my white couch, (their looks were priceless), I was given probiotics for Stella to try for the next week.


I also decided that if I’m going to let my cat and a white couch coexist in an 800 sq foot apartment, I will have to let some things slide.  Namely, her presence on it.

Fortunately, she prefers her cat beds to the couch.  But if it’s a Sex and the City night, you better believe the girls are all about sharing some Ben and Jerry’s and cuddling up to watch Carrie make the biggest mistake of her life by letting Aidan go.


5 Responses to stella update: white couch drama

  1. Candence says:

    Good to know about Woolite Stain Remover. I have a white couch too and got my first stain on it last night! Shout and Magic Erasers were my only cleaning options in my panic mode.

  2. jen says:

    1. love this shot of your gorgeous stella.
    2. yes, woolite. 2 cats, 1 dog. creme couch. WOOLITE.
    3. as a seasoned SATC professional, i will tell you with 100 percent certainty that letting mr. shaw go was the right decision. you may have to watch seasons 4-6 at least 3 times before coming to this scientific conclusion, however.

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