I recently moved my mood board away from my bedroom and over my desk in the living room.  I love the change and it keeps my inspiration front and center in the studio.  Lately I’ve had a lot of J. Crew on the pins.  Not sure what’s going on there, as I love to put other fashion pieces on the board, too.  At least I’m consistent, eh?

I showed a tutorial on this a long time ago but creating the mood board was a cinch.  Basically, I took an old picture frame that was gutted out of the glass, picture and backing.  I used a staple gun to staple strips of ribbon across the back of it and then hung it on a wall. Like me you probably expect it to be a cheap project.  The frame was free on the side of the road, but the ribbon cost a whopping $50 at Joann’s Fabrics for all of the strips.  I went with multiple colors, fabrics, sizes and styles. Maybe you can find the ribbon cheaper or on sale, but it was a great project.


2 Responses to studio 101: diy mood board for my apartment

  1. Gayle says:

    Ilove the mood board over your desk. If you ever want a change I can see you turning it up on the vertical. It would make it seem taller by drawing the eye up instead of horizontal, across. NO?

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