On Saturday afternoon, I sat and watched a friend play in a flag football game at Memorial Field near downtown Seattle.  As I looked up across the field, my eyes glanced upwards as I noticed the Space Needle shooting out from behind the roof of the opposing team’s side.  I’ve lived in Seattle for four years this past August and everytime I see the Space Needle, I can’t help but feel a little giddy inside.  The base of the landmark is actually in my neighborhood, lower Queen Anne.  So not a day goes by that I don’t pass it in traffic and notice its tall stature among the smaller buildings as I weave through the neighborhood and over into downtown just blocks away.  I’m not sure that the novelty of living in a city that hosts a popular landmark will ever rub off of me.  But I love looking up at it and thinking that this is the icon that most of the world associates with my city.  So as I glanced up at the odd, white, space-ship looking disc, I couldn’t help but feel proud that somehow, I’ve made it through four years in a city that couldn’t be any farther, or different, from my hometown back in Georgia.  I’m a happy girl.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend save for helping a friend with a home project and attending a co-worker’s birthday party at a new Capitol Hill night spot.  Pictures and a write up to come from that.  Have a great week — winter hit Seattle last week and it’s jacket and wool pants wearing weather a little earlier than usual.  Rainy season hits this week and before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving.

Happy Monday.


One Response to memorial field and the space needle

  1. jen says:

    great shot.
    and i LOVE the 1st link. sharing on fb. thanks!


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