Let there be no doubt, rainy season hath arrived.

Weekend recap: Went to Lakeside rummage sale and found adorable ornaments for my tree this year. Ate salmon at my first Tom Douglas restaurant with an old friend from undergrad who was in town for a seminar.  Took Stells to the emergency vet for a UTI infection and enacted a newly created tradition called “Power Hour.”  Basically you manically run through your house and attempt to clean, wash, launder, change and complete every thing that needs to be done in your apartment.  But the catch is, you only have an hour.  Made doing chores bearable with a definite end time.  My results included: clean laundry, newly planted window boxes, collated mail and Stella’s clean litter box.

Try it.  You’ll love it.

  • Seriously considering getting these pants to wear for a benefit in November and the company holiday party in December.  Not sure I’m up for another final sale, no refund purchase.  Worked out last time, but it feels a little dicey.
  • Heard this song played at the end of SATC episode in Season 6.  Forgot how much I love it.

3 Responses to monday link list: j. crew satin pants and rainy season begins

  1. jen says:

    Just (re)watched that episode this weekend. We must be on the same wavelength.

  2. Mrs. D says:

    Love the J. Crew satin pants. They would look great on you! Buy them!!!

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