Blog poll:  If your birthday lands on a Sunday, is it acceptable to celebrate all weekend?

I would say yes and extend it for a week.

November is my birth month and it strategically falls just before the holidays kick off.  It’s like my birthday marks the beginning of six weeks of celebration and before I know it, I’m counting down to a new year.  Birthdays have always been a big deal for me — I love to celebrate them in a variety of ways.

Each year, I have something specific I want to do.  For my 30th, it was the blowout of the decade.  For my 31st, I preferred a quite night among girlfriends.  And this year, I wanted a night of Mexican food and dancing with a small group of close co-workers and friends.

My wish was granted.

We had a fantastic night.

Later in the weekend I celebrated again at a new restaurtant in Belltown called The Coterie Room.  Opened by the founders of Spur Gastropub, this restaurant grilles one of the best Wagyu Beef Briskets I’ve tasted in Seattle. Topped off with the cinnamon fritters in caramel apple sauce and I knew I’d be craving this meal again.  In addition to the great food, our waiter was more than gracious in offering us an impromptu wine tasting so that we could choose the glass we wanted most with our meat.  By the end of the night we felt like rock stars, and lushes, with all of the wine glasses lining our table.  It was quite an evening.

By far my favorite present of the weekend was the perfume I’ve “oo-ed” and “ah-ed” over for months, Gypsy Water by Byredo.  The intoxicating smell of vanilla mixed in with notes of lemon, sandalwood and evergreen have haunted me since I first caught a whiff of it on a passerby in downtown Seattle.  Of course I asked her what she was wearing.  I was beyond thrilled to find that not only did I now own my own bottle to spritz and spray at my leisure but that it smelled as heavenly as I remembered weeks ago.

Hope you’re having a great November.  I’m home for the week, in Georgia that is, and enjoying every cup of sugar, butter, and salt that’s baked my way.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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2 Responses to birthday week(end)

  1. Marshall says:

    This post begs the question, exactly how many Wagyu briskest have you sampled in Seattle? Decadent, even for me.

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