I have the most severe case of writer’s block I’ve ever experienced for this blog.  Sitting in my queue are six drafts waiting to be edited and nothing left to give for many of them.  I’m tired of writing and yet I feel like if I don’t, my blog will be swallowed by a black hole filled with HTML and hacked email accounts.

The best way to cure a block of creativity is to just start.  Create.  Make something.  So to break the silence, I thought I would share a photo from my time indoors last week during the big snow storm here in Seattle.

I’m sure you heard about it.  Everyone did.  It was disappointingly anti-climatic.

Since I can work remotely, I spent most of my time sitting on my couch bundled up in my pjs answering emails and working on projects.  It was a delightful change in an otherwise predicable routine and I was grateful for the chance to get ahead while staying inside for four days.

Over the week, Stella had the habit of finding the warmest spot in the room, even if it meant standing so close to the space heater that the blocked air overheated the coils, setting off the safety switch to shut down the fan.  It was hilarious and I had to share.

Have a great week, more to come.


2 Responses to writer’s block and stella’s space heater

  1. James says:

    Good job! Way to slay the dragon and create something. I know the feeling as I drudge through my masters thesis. At times it is laborious and at other times it just flows. It helps me to narrow my focus, and like you, to just start. Keep up the good work.

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