I purposely show you this less-than-attractive picture of my kitchen sink to tell you that I must do something about this area.  Generally speaking, it’s out of control.

Ideas, please.


4 Responses to studio 101: revamping a kitchen i rent

  1. Whitney says:

    I just saw something on the Ikea website that I think would help. I’ll email you :)

  2. jen says:

    will they allow you to paint the cabinets or is that out of the question?

    with not the grandest kitchen i’d dream up for myself currently, i find that if i keep everything in order with the right size drying rack (cheap: ikea/target), i leave less clutter around and fewer dishes in the sink. i don’t use my dishwasher because it’s shit and doesn’t clean well enough for my anal-retentive standards, yet i am the WORST dish leaver in the sink person to ever walk this earth.

    to save precious counter space, get one of those things that allows you to attach the paper towel roll underneath one of your cabinets there.

    also, something i do to make things look cohesive and helps in a practical sense as well, is to get large clear jars (all the same type/size) to hold your flour, sugar, brown sugar, cat food, whatever you use frequently. That way you don’t have a bunch of half used ugly bags cluttering your space.

    finally, new chic towel set! go!


    • mysundrymusings says:

      I have the glass canisters — so great minds think like.

      Move to Seattle. Wink wink.

      I can’t paint the cabinets — I kind of like them. It’s the additional hardware I should look into — like you suggested.

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