I’ve heard many times that it’s pretty common for those who are interested in interior design to get bored with their surroundings pretty easily.  No sooner has the paint dried on the kitchen walls or new furniture been placed in the master bedroom and an interior designer can find herself already imagining the next makeover for the living room.  I absolutely love my studio.  It’s small, humble, historic (i.e. a bit rundown at times) but I am enamored with living here.  However, occasionally I do get bored with this space and want to do something new. Never mind that I just bought a white couch last summer, or that I finally finished my headboard this fall or that someone gave me the Dwell Studio pillow I wanted for Christmas last year.  There’s always something I want to change up and I can never seem to be satisfied.  Instead of succumbing to an entirely new project that will take weeks to complete, or money I shouldn’t spend, I’ve found that changing up a few smaller things sometimes does just the trick.

My kitchen is still a work in progress — one that I think will be a slower paced project than some of the others I’ve tackled thus far.  But while walking around Crate and Barrel over the weekend, I found this petite butter dish, perfect for keeping butter out on the counter during the day.  I instantly brought it home to replace the less than attractive container I currently use to store butter out of the refrigerator.

Side note: Until moving to Seattle a few years ago, I had no idea you could keep butter out of the refrigerator for several days.  I love doing this — it spreads onto toast so much easier!

One of my favorite details about this studio is the built in shelf in my bathroom.  Every couple of months I rotate out a new set of oddities on display.  It’s an easy way to switch things up and often I can do this with little to no cost.  This weekend I finally decided to print out some pictures on my computer and frame a few of them in the apartment.  In college I was quite the picture frame collector so in Seattle, I’ve taken a bit more of a minimalist approach with regard to displaying photographs.  It was time for an update or two so I found this sweet matted frame at Pottery Barn on Friday.  It fit perfectly on the shelf.

If you’ve ever wondered who would pay $18 for a vintage lightbulb at Anthropologie, look no further.  I purchased a hanging light fixture from Ikea over a year ago but never liked the shade that came with it.  After later taking the shade off, I actually liked the look of a bare bulb hanging down from the ceiling and thought it added an interesting touch to the living room.  It was my homage to hipsters everywhere in an modernized twist to my usual style.  Adding this vintage bulb only accentuates the look and adds a nice touch to the space.

Flowers are a great way to brighten up a place quickly, and cheaply.  These daffodils were mere buds when I bought them at Whole Foods on Saturday.  They bloomed throughout the night and I woke up to a gorgeous bouquet Sunday morning.

Hope this gives you ideas on how to think outside of the box with decorating.  Often you only need a few small things to give your place a new look.  Happy decorating.


3 Responses to studio 101: it’s all in the details

  1. Gayle says:

    A smooth stone would add texture and interest.

  2. Ginger says:

    Hey! Good news! You can buy those Edison bulbs at Lowe’s! We just bought a new pendant to hang over our kitchen sink and it takes an Edison bulb.

    • mysundrymusings says:

      So good to know. I really want to use them in a few more places but $18 a pop was too much. I’ll have to check them out! Thank you, Ginger!

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