Slowly but surely the days are warming up and I find that I need my heater less and less to keep me warm in the evenings. Growing up in the South, the thought of opening my window seemed completely absurd. Met with hot, sticky, humid air, I never understood why my father enjoyed opening the windows each spring, but he did.  It wasn’t until I moved out West that I learned to appreciate the feeling of cool, fresh air.

Stella loves open windows and if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I let her perch on the ledge of my window sill while I take down the screen and water the flowers. She has this penchant for nibbling on plants and it prevents me from keeping  very many in the house. The minute my window is open, she jumps to the perch and begins gnawing on a stem.

I am learning so much in my photography class over the past few weeks and the more I become familiar with my camera, the more creative I feel with my shots. I highly recommend learning how to use your camera on manual — my professor strongly suggests that you never use the automatic functions, unless you are handing your camera off to another person for a group shot that you will be standing in as well.  This class has made all the difference in my photography skills and I can’t wait to start working on them some more.  Later this week I’ll share some photos of a walk I took on the University of Washington campus for a field trip with my class.  After living her for almost 5 years, I finally took a stroll on their campus and was quite impressed with the architecture.  For my fellow UGA grads, the UW architecture undeniably rivals our campus.  It was gorgeous.


2 Responses to stella and the window sill

  1. Gayle says:

    Great shot of Stella la’ Belle. But what Stella needs is a window box of green grass and……some catnip. She wouldn’t know how to behave.

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