Twice a year, my girlfriends and I try to go on a girls’ weekend somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.  There have been talks of San Fran, the wine country in eastern Washington, and even a jaunt down to Portland yet it never seems to fail that we end up taking a Seattle ferry over to an island on the Sound and spending the weekend laughing, crying, cooking, singing, dancing, and gossiping.  We have hilarious stories on each trip and though we aren’t always able to see each other during the months between trips, it seems like we’re always able to pick back up right were we left off on our trips.  This weekend we spent Saturday afternoon in an outdoor hot tub overlooking the Sound, ate Delaurenti pasta and greek salad for dinner, made smores by the fire overlooking the beach, and talked about the exciting engagement of Erika to a boy we all love.  It was as magical as it sounds.

As I type this, I am literally less than 30 minutes away from Seattle yet I feel like I’m light years from home.  I think there is something about taking a ferry and moving across a body of water from one landmass to another landmass that changes the way you think, feel and interact with life. Sitting by the fire last night while eating Theo chocolate smores, I told my friends that after many, many years of work, my body finally knows how to relax, enjoy a moment and not worry about the million things that seem to go through my mind in a given day.  Wherever you are, I hope you learn how to do the same.  And if you can’t do it alone, I hope you’ll be brave enough to let someone help you.

I’ll share a few photos from our weekend — it was really great to finally feel like I know how to handle my camera.  I just wrapped up my photography class this weekend so of course I brought my camera out to document the weekend.  One of my friends on the girls’ weekend is actually a professional photographer, so she took a few photos with my camera as well.  She taught me a few things about “blowing out the light”which creates a nice effect on a photo by making the image brighter than the meter says is normal.  We’ll see if folks like them.  Basically all images are mine except the ones you see me in — those you can credit to Talitha Bullock Photography.

Happy Monday.









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4 Responses to girls’ weekend to vashon island

  1. hannah says:

    Love the wavy hair! I’m glad you got to get away. Totally jealous!

    • mysundrymusings says:

      you need to come to Seattle for a three day weekend. just do it. we’ll have this much fun. :)

      • Hannah says:

        I’m so close to being able to do those kinds of things. I think Kris has almost forgotten the last time I left him alone with the boys for a long weekend. Almost…

        • mysundrymusings says:

          Well, you have an open invitation to Seattle. We can relax or live it up … or somewhere in between. :)

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