A dear friend of mine, and reader of this blog, suggested I start a series dedicated to fun spots around Seattle for folks looking for something to do in the area.  I’ve mulled over the idea for a while and thought I would take the plunge to start the series.  Though there are plenty of city guides on the internet, perhaps mine will inspire you to explore, visit , or in my case move to this beautiful city.  Introducing: around seattle

Saturday was one of those unexpected days where you leave your house at 9 AM with very little understanding of what the rest of the day might hold.  As a Type A planner dating one of the most laid back men I know, I have learned to appreciate the days that don’t go according to planned — or that have no schedule at all.  Those days have created some of the most serendipitous moments and have made the best memories together.  What started as a brunch at Cafe Press with one of our favorite couple friends turned into an afternoon on a rooftop Mexican restaurant overlooking Broadway, then a stroll through Cal Anderson Park, and a happy hour at Oddfellows.  Sprinkled in was a quick rip to Elliot Bay Book Company and a chance to meet our friend’s brother and adorable nephew.  The sun was out, we were in great company, and the food & drinks were delicious.  Capitol Hill is a great spot to stroll around if you’re looking for an aimless afternoon of relaxing.

I had a great time and very little of it was planned, or controlled, by me.   I will admit that Capitol Hill has traditionally not been my favorite area of Seattle.  It took meeting a great guy with a convincing argument, and a Zone 4 visitor parking permit, to show me why this area is worth the visit.  While it’s been a slow process, this popular area of Seattle has found a special place in my heart.

A few pictures from our day:


The Croquet Madame at Cafe Presse is arguably the best in the city.


Olive and nuts at Odd Fellows were amazing with our drinks.


Good libations at Odd Fellows: Amaro Cooler and Cherry Lemonade


Hope your weekend was fantastic as well.  Happy Monday.




2 Responses to around seattle: cafe presse, odd fellows, and a stroll around cap hill

  1. jen says:

    aviator strategery.

    ps i’d love to have the recipes to fine libations.

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