A couple of weeks ago, I went to the most adorable DIY wedding with my boyfriend to see his best girlfriend from high school marry her med school sweetheart.  It was a gorgeous ceremony, held on a family friend’s private property on Bainbridge Island, WA (a small island just a short ferry ride away from Seattle).  I won’t go into long details about the wedding, but it was touching, personal, and intimate.  I cried throughout most of it.

The reception itself was an DIY masterpiece.  Let me give you the quick rundown:  The dishes, mason jars, and place settings were tastefully mismatched across the tables and all items were purchased on “sale” at the end of the month at Goodwill. The bride calculated that she could buy her own dishes for less than what it would cost to rent them (at 77 cents a plate!)  The father of the bride, a master sailor, sewed the bunting flags, table runners, table clothes, napkins, and party favors (small zippered pouches made from old sails from their boat). All linens were hand dyed by the bride’s mother.  The groom drilled votive sized holes into birch tree pieces for table settings. Wild flowers were effortlessly placed inside of painted mason jars (see how they did it here). And as if that wasn’t enough work, everyone pitched in to cook shish-kabobs, pies, and the side dishes all before the wedding that afternoon.  I was in awe of how gorgeous the entire event looked.

It completely renewed my interest in doing an DIY event at some point in my lifetime.  Enjoy the pictures below.






2 Responses to diy wedding on bainbridge island, wa

  1. Ashlei says:

    I’m interested in how the “DIY” shish-kabobs came together?!? Recipes, tips, bake v. grill, other…all would be helpful! Thx ~ Ashlei

    • mysundrymusings says:

      I actually didn’t cook them – but as an attendee of the event, it was great! Someone manned the grill and had them all ready for us when we came up for dinner.

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