A couple of weekends ago, two of my girlfriends and I met in Denver for a girls weekend away.  Over the past several years we have traveled to Phoenix, Vegas, Charleston, Atlanta, Clinton (Iowa), Destin (Florida), and St. Simon’s Island (Georgia).  Who knows where (or when) we’ll see each other next but when the time comes, we are willing to make the effort to see each other somewhere in the world.

The three of us are tyipcally pretty organized about most things in life but for this trip, no one seemed to take the lead on planning anything specific. Over email, we came to the conclusion that all three of us wanted the same two things: good food and time to catch up.   We stayed at the Hotel Monaco (gorgeous), shopped at Cherry Creek (cha-ching), and ate at Tag & Osteria Marco (yum).  On the way to the Denver airport to pick up Robin, I realized that every other sentence with Kristy seemed to start with “did you know that I…”   It had been far too long since we’d seen each other last.  Though I don’t see these girls as much as I would like, I usually know two things: we have the kind of friendship where we easily pick up where we left off and we always have a great time together.  I miss these girls but am grateful for the time we spent together.  All three of us have been through our own ups and downs over the past couple of years so it was good for me to see them, listen to their stories, and give them a hug before parting ways again.

Until next time, ladies.

Hotel Monaco

French toast at Syrup

Yummy apples

“Hiking” in the Rockies

Dresses for a night out on the town


Peach fried pies

A night out on Larimer Street

Looking up at Hotel Monaco


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  1. Face says:

    Oh no. I think I’m going to have to have some French toast. NOW.

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