In a month or so, my mom is coming to visit me in Seattle.  I took a look around my apartment and realized I need to do some tidying up.  Here’s what’s on the list.

Linen curtains for the living room

If you notice, I have curtains on one side of my apartment, but not on the other side.  It’s time to even the place out.  Of course I’m drawn to the most expensive curtains at Ikea.

Paintings over the headboard

I love my DIY headboard.  Love it.   It was one of my first projects together with my beau that we did very early on in our relationship.  We learned a lot about each other that night — to trust my decorating instincts while leaving the drilling to him.  Side note: the Dwell Studio pillow was a gift from him for Christmas last year.  It’s one of my favorite accent pieces in my apartment.  At any rate, the wall above the headboard needs some help.  I might try this DIY abstract art project.  Could be great — or a complete disaster.

Revamp the kitchen.



























Do I really need to explain myself?  This kitchen needs help.

Turn the bulletin board into a chalkboard.

I’m scraping up some old photos of my apartment for this post.  The desk that’s under the bulletin board looks nothing like the one in the picture nowadays.  I’ve streamlined that look.  Nonetheless, the board has got to be replaced.  I’m hoping it’s as easy as some chalkboard paint and a staple gun.  I’ll be channeling this project from Jones Design Company.

We’ll see.


6 Responses to studio 101: momma’s comin’ to visit

  1. Rick says:

    I some how stumbled across your page on the internet and think its amazing. You look like you have a lot of fun. :)

  2. Becca Borgh says:

    May I suggest the following curtain rings (or a cheap knock off) to go with the ikea curtains? I’ve seen them used with linen curtains and are so striking.

  3. Natalie says:

    Your place is LOVELY! Especially digging the retro wall clock next to your desk (the sunflowers are a wonderful touch, too!)

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