As I thought about gifts to give my beau for our one year anniversary, I started brainstorming if there was a way to print out my favorite instagram photos from my iPhone.

Turns out there is.

I realized that though I wasn’t a frequent user of instagram in the last year, most of my photos were taken during random moments in my life where he’d been a part of them — or even better, when I was thinking about him.  There was the picture of our feet as we waited outside of the Paramount to hear President Obama speak.  And then, the picture of my coffee cup from the morning I had brunch with my girlfriends when I first told them about this new boy I was madly smitten with from my softball team.  Then there was a picture I took while watching him play flag football at Memorial Field with the Space Needle in the background.  All of them were snapshots of the past year — many of those memories forgotten, until I scrolled through my phone looking at them and remembered.

It was a sweet stroll down memory lane and I thought the result turned out quite nice.


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