Three and a half weeks ago I walked into Spencer and Graham’s rooms for the last time, leaned over their beds, gave them my last good night hug, and told them good bye.  As I tucked them in, I told them:

Mommy loves you.  Daddy loves you.  Your brother loves you.  And, I love you.

For four years I walked into their rooms, tucked them in, and told them good night.  Three years into my time with them as a babysitter, I started telling them the part about how we loved them.  Last month, they packed their home in Green Lake, said goodbye to their extended family, and moved to California to start a new chapter of their lives together.

The babysitter(s) stayed in Seattle.

Graham and Spencer’s mother, Dana, has a smart vegetarian food blog where she chronicles both her tastiest dishes as well as the lives of both of her boys.  And their father Randy, a equally smart business man, mentored me during many conversations concerning my career.  Randy just accepted a new position in the Bay area and as expected, he took his family with him.

Telling you that I will miss them is an understatement.  As I hugged Randy and Dana on my way out of the house, I turned back and told Dana that it felt like I would be back to babysit in a couple of weeks.  Knowing that the move was final, I still struggled to grasp that this wonderful family would be leaving Seattle.

Those of you who have followed my blog through its many changes remember my 30th birthday party.  Randy and Dana graciously allowed me to host it in their home as Dana catered the party with hors d’oeurves and wine.  When I was nearly homeless, they offered their basement room to me until I could get my feet on the ground.  And when I spent Thanksgiving away from my family one year, they welcomed me to their dinner with family and friends one cold, rainy, November night.  I will miss them dearly.

See you in San Francisco.


One Response to saying goodbye to the boys

  1. Amarie says:

    I know it must be difficult to say goodbye! I love “my boys” so much!

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