Here are a few of my favorites from my visit to MOMA on Sunday that will inevitably end up as the wallpaper on my iPhone at some point.  If I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would have taken pictures of the summaries for each piece to identify each artist’s work.   I know there were some Pollack’s, a Rothko, some Picassos, a Frankenthaler, some Monets, a Kandinsky, a Matisse, and finally a Wyeth.  Another time, I’ll remember them all.

I left feeling completely inspired to tackle this somewhat intimidating abstract art DIY project.  Perhaps I’m ready…yeah?

















2 Responses to museum of modern art

  1. Ginger says:

    LOVE the MoMA! There was a huge Kandinsky display the last time I went. You’ll have to try to get over to the Whitney the next time you go. Hopefully, the Biennial will be going on. We’re trying to go to NYC as a family for a few days at Christmas. Not sure, yet, if I want to brave it with a 3-yr-old and a 6-yr-old. :)

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