My sweet momma from Georgia flew to Seattle a few weeks ago to visit me and it was the best girl’s weekend we’ve had in years.  She met Stella.  We saw King Tut.  She watched me stiff arm a linebacker in a flag football game.  She cooked my favorite meal and made a double batch of sauce for me to freeze for later.  We went on a tour of Pike Place Market, ate dinner with Phil’s family, and we went shopping (oh the shopping!) for a few things to help decorate my apartment.  Yay for moms that can cook and decorate.

We played Table Topics Family Gathering Edition and it was the best game for our nightly pre-bedtime routine.  It was a fun way to get to know my mom better and we probably laughed more playing that game in one night than we did the entire week.

I took my mom to my favorite restaurant on Saturday night and unfortunately it was a very “off” night for the kitchen and its staff.  I snapped this lovely photo of my mother, however, and we felt very fancy with our cute outfits and hairdos.

Some family friends of ours cancelled a trip to Seattle and sent me their pre-purchased tickets to Savor Seattle’s Pike Place Food & Cultural Tour.  I will admit I was a bit embarrassed at first to play tourist for the morning but within the first 5 minutes of the tour, I was highly impressed with our whitty guide, the historical knowledge we learned about the market, and the tasty food we sampled along the way.  We had the best time with our guide Santino and I can’t recommend this tour enough for visitors or local city-dwellers.

Side story: The floor of the market is scattered with tiles purchased by donors who raised money to help re-floor the market years ago.  A mathematician once bought a grouping of tiles and engraved them with prime numbers.  He later met a woman who happened to love math as much as he did and they were later married in the market on top of the spot where his numbers were placed on the market floor.  I thought it was sweet.

My mom took me shopping, a past-time we’ve shared together since I was 15 and my hometown opened a T.J. Maxx.  We found a wooden bowl for my coffee table made from the roots of a teak tree and a framed Seattle Ork poster for that bare wall in my kitchen.  Our favorite finds were this lamp (from Ikea!) and mirrored frame (1/2 off at West Elm) for my desk.  It completed the spot well, I thought, and it was fun to celebrate an early birthday with my mom.  Even at 33, my mom is still decorating my room.  At least she has good taste.

My mom stirred up some homemade seasoning and vinegars for me.

We did touristy things like take a walk past the Space Needle.

We shopped for vegetables at Pike Place Market.

And we walked through downtown.

I think she needs a vacation from her vacation.





4 Responses to momma came to visit

  1. Amy King says:

    I just adore your Mom! She is the coolest lady…besides my mom of course!

  2. Ginger says:

    I’m so glad that y’all had so much fun! There’s nothing like a visit from Mama. And, YOUR mama hasn’t changed one bit! She’s as beautiful as ever. My parents came to visit me last weekend and we, too, went to a favorite restaurant that had an off night. Ain’t that always the way it goes? Anyway, we got to get outside and enjoy the leaves and fall weather. As much as I love where we live, I miss my parents more every day.

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