I have created the loveliest hostess gifts in the last couple of weeks.

To be fair, it’s not a project I came up with solely on my own.  Terrariums are kind of a thing right now so if you’ve paid attention to the style blogs lately, I’m not doing anything that the big girls haven’t already posted about online.  But these are super easy and offer a big bang for your buck.



Ingredients needed:

1 succulent

Extra soil (I just used what came with the plant)

Charcoal (Break them into pieces the size of peanut M&Ms — used to soak up the excess moisture)

1 glass jar (Goodwill often has them for .25 each)

Moss (Check out the home and garden center of most large grocery stores)

Card (Mine was long so I tucked it in behind the plant and into the ribbon.)


_ _ _

Directions:  Layer the following “ingredients” in a glass vase/jar in the following order: handful of rocks, 1 layer of charcoal, soil to cover the plant, succulent, moss.  Tie a ribbon around the vase.

Perfect for hostess gifts, housewarming presents, thank you plants, or “I’m sorry your purse was stolen” pick me ups for a coworker.  All four have been used in my life during the past week and a half.  Do not be surprised if you receive one from me as a gift for the holidays.

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2 Responses to diy terrarium hostess gifts

  1. jen says:

    love this idea. i also love the word ‘succulent’.

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