When I went to visit my little brother and his girlfriend in DC, they took me to my first speakeasy in the city: The Gibson.  Little did we know that this visit would start a trend for my drink orders from this day forward.

I’ve never been a heavy drinker, but I enjoy a cocktail or two — maybe three if I’m feeling frisky.  Wine and beer aren’t really my thing unless it’s a Reisling or a cider.  So, unless it’s sweet, I’m not one to drink it.  I’m just as fine going weeks without any alcohol, and did with out it for most of my twenties.  But when I was in DC, my brother’s girlfriend encouraged me to ask the bartender to make me a drink.  “Give him the ingredients and see what he makes,” she said.

“Bitters, ginger and make it sweet,” I said with confidence.

“What base?” she asked.

“No tequila and no gin,” I said.

“Alright,”  she said.

She brought me back the best drink I’ve ever sipped and since then, I ask all the fancy bartenders in Seattle to do the same.  I’m instantly their favorite customer.  Nothing compares to the drink I had at The Gibson in DC, but it set the tone for all other cocktails.



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2 Responses to bitters, ginger, and a splash of bourbon at The Gibson in DC

  1. jen says:

    what’s the concoction? you tease.

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