Depending on how you choose to use the word, sundry essentially means various or several.  When used as a noun, sundries are a group of items not worthy of being mentioned individually.  They are the things you see beside the cash register at a gift shop in a nice hotel:  carefully wrapped chocolates, postcards with great photography, fancy pens, and those last minute items you slip into your bag to capture fond memories of a time well spent on vacation.  I’ve been an online blogger for over eight years in one form or another. So, when I thought about changing the direction of mysundrymusings.com, it was challenging for me to choose one just one area to focus.  Some people call that a branding problem.  I like to think it’s the key to my brand.

I respect those people who are able to integrate their professional and personal lives in a way that is smart, elegant, and reverent.  So, I will focus on the things that interest me: personal growth, current events, books I’m reading, building a career, living in Seattle, and a sprinkling of fashion, food, travel, and interior design. It’s a lifestyle blog with a bit of a twist.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something interesting.

You can email me at mysundrymusings@gmail.com.  I always love hearing from readers and meet many lovely people via this blog.  All images are taken with my Canon 20D, with the stock lens or a 50mm lens, as well as my iPhone 6G with the VSCO app.  Kindly give credit when re-posting.  Unless otherwise noted, all posts are my own thoughts and will not represent any organization that I affiliate myself with, both personally or professionally.


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