Hi.  I’m Catherine.  Welcome to my sundry musings.  As an adjective, the word sundry means “of various kinds, several.”  If you frequent any shop, sundries are the various odds and ends items often found at the cash register – the individually packed salted caramels, the gift enclosure cards for the present you’re buying, or the travel size tubes of hand lotion perfect for your purse.  The dictionary claims that these things are “various items not important enough to be mentioned individually.”  I’d like to think this blog represents a virtual display of sundries and musings for my readers and friends.  Individually these posts might not make up much, but collectively, they are a last minute caramel you pop in your mouth before handing your credit card over.

At the core, this space is a place for me to write about the things that intrigue and inspire me in life.  they are my sundry musings.  Hopefully you find these things interesting as well.  Life is beautiful and often times difficult, but I believe there are great things that can be created out of what we are given.  My desire is to cultivate that within myself and then, inspire you to do the same.

When I’m not managing too many projects for work, I can be found re-decorating my pre-war studio apartment in Queen Anne, planning my next culinary experience, planning a party, or plotting my next travel destination.  I struggle with letting go of living in the black and white and am beginning to apreicate the duality of exploring the grayer parts of life.

Yes, I have an accent.

Feel free to email me at mysundrymusings [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment below.  I love hearing from my readers.  All images are taken with my Canon 20D or iPhone 5G, and are mine unless otherwise noted.  Kindly give credit when re-posting my images.  Unless otherwise noted, all opinions expressed on my blog are strictly mine and do not represent the views of any other organization.

Have a lovely day.


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