I grew up in a town where just about everyone knew my name.  They knew that I lived in a pink house.  They knew who my momma was and that my daddy could almost always be found wearing a suit.  They knew that the Bell sisters built our pink house before we bought it and that try as she might, my mom couldn’t paint that house anything but pink.  I came from a hometown where I knew just about everyone’s car when I passed them on the street, where I could walk into a store and know at least one person in it besides the owner, and I was raised in a church where my pediatrician, my gynecologist, my 10th grade trigonometry teacher and all three of my tennis coaches attended the 11:00 service.

Like most everyone there, I was a big fish in a small pond.

When I moved to Seattle I didn’t realize how much that would affect my transition to a big city, much less the west coast.  Of course, I went upstate for undergrad but I had a handful of friends from home who were almost always by my side.  When I lived overseas, I always knew where my feet would land after those six months abroad.  But this time when I moved to Seattle, I knew this would be different.  I knew I’d be gone for a while and the loss of my community back home is still something I face in some small part each day.

This lengthy intro to my post is so I can say this: I feel honored that I have met some amazing people here in Seattle.  I’m humbled that I know people.  That I know people who know people.  And that every once in a while I randomly see someone’s car in traffic and I know who they are.

Most of all, I am intrigued and inspired by the lives of the families I’ve met.

One family that often asks me to house-sit for them has their fridge covered in pictures and papers.  One night as I was preparing dinner, I looked up to find “The List 2008″ on the right side.  It was their list of things to do for the year taped to their fridge for all to see.  Intrigued, I nosily read it: go to class reunion in California, take Zoe camping, plant garden in front yard, meet with landscape architect and plan backyard makeover. The list went down the page and over to another column. While I felt a bit nosy reading it, I immediately felt inspired to sit down and write my own list for 2008.

I’ve been doing one ever since.

So today I share with you The List 2013.  I hope you feel inspired to think big. I firmly believe in the power of writing our desires on paper no matter how small they are; it’s amazing what our minds will forget and how our hearts will yearn for things that are easier than we think.  When we become open to dreaming, the world unfolds before us and we find ourselves in a reality once imagined.  I am certain I will not finish them all but I guarantee I will have a blast completing the ones I do.

(Keep scrolling to read The List 2012 & 2011)


Move to a client facing roll at work
Fly enough on Delta go get Gold status
Pay off more debt
Get a new living room chair
Go to Greece / Vietnam / Maui / Turkey
Read 1 book a month
Exercise 2 times a week
See a nutritionist
Stop watching reality television
Get a rug for my living room



Create a travel budget and use it.
Reupholster my living room chair.
Take photography class.
Pay off American Express card.
Ride a mechanical bull.
Learn how to hope a bit more
See Dave Matthews at The Gorge in September



read 12 books (after 3 years & nearly 100 books, I’ve earned my right to be a bit conservative)
purchase J. Crew’s city fit dress pants & have them hemmed for a pair of Converse Chucks
go somewhere exotic
visit DC to see my brother and good friend
visit Discovery Park (yes, three years and I’ve never been)
start back ballet
go to a concert @ The Gorge
take a class on how to use my camera
go camping in Neah Bay
buy the Tory Burch black flats 
purchase a couch
visit San Francisco
eat a steak at Metropolitan Grill
sing karaoke…on a stage…by myself
have my own Dave Matthews sighting in Seattle
spend a weekend alone every quarter: Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, Quarter 4.
take a train to somewhere in the Snoqualmie Pass
get a pet
buy a new winter coat
buy a rug
hike to Lost Lake
frame my 30th birthday picture


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